Vote Suppression in US elections: Trump threatened to go to Supreme Court to stop vote counting as millions of votes are uncounted

With millions of votes still in the queue to be counted, President Donald Trump attempted vote suppression announced a premature victory on the 2020 election night, and cried foul on the further voting count in the United States.

The late-night speech of the president at the White House was an attempt to Vote suppression in the US election. With a significant lead in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, and Wisconsin, Trump has already assumed that he would win the elections.

This is a sheer attempt of vote suppression, as Donald Trump knows that most of the mail-in ballots are cast in favor of the Democrats and can take a couple of states away from the Republicans.

Vote Suppression and Supreme Court

Can the Supreme Court stop the vote count after November 3 elections?

As a matter of fact, the Supreme Court has no authority to stop the vote count after November 3. Courts are supposed to make the decisions based on the existing laws, and, by law, all fifty states can count votes after November 3, which makes it highly unlikely that the Supreme Court can stop the process of counting the vote.

Similarly, 18 states count ballots that arrive after the election day, and 29 states count military ballots that come after the election day. With all of these laws, it is highly unlikely that going to the Supreme Court will be of any use for Donald Trump, and any tactic of vote suppression by Trump is bound to fail.

Vote Suppression in US elections: Trump threatened to go to Supreme Court to stop vote counting as millions of votes are uncounted

Why is Trump afraid of the further vote count and why is he contributing to Vote suppression?

It was predicted well before the elections that President Trump would have the lead on the actual election night, as more Republicans tend to vote in-person.

With the record-breaking number of mail-in balloting this year, there is a huge possibility that these states can flip in favor of Democrats, as many mail-in ballots are yet to be counted.

For instance, when Trump announced his victory, the Republicans were leading in Wisconsin, but now the Democrats have made a comeback in the state and are currently leading Wisconsin, making the United States elections more interesting. If the Democrats manage to win any of the other Republican-dominated states, Biden will win the presidency.

Meanwhile, after the premature attempt by Trump to announce the victory, there are severe threats that riots can break out in the country, which will make the situation worse.

Trump has already announced that he will refuse the transfer of power in case of losing the presidential elections, so this can push the country into chaos. The 2020 presidential elections can also end up in the Supreme Court, as both the candidates can appeal for a recount in various states, which will delay the final result even further.



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