Trump vs. Biden polls: What can America lose in the second term of Trump?

In Trump vs. Biden polls, another term for Trump by winning the 2020 polls can be detrimental for the US as the economy, health, minorities, and constitution will be at stake.

The emergence of Donald Trump, a newcomer in the political landscape of the USA, transformed American politics in a new way in 2016.

The approval rating of Trump continues to decline, as it is currently standing at 40%, against his disapproval rating of 55% nationwide.

As Trump vs. Biden polls are coming nearer to election day, losing to Biden should not be the only worry of the Republican president. In fact, he should worry more that his name can be written in as one of the worst, if not the worst, presidents of the United States.

However, if he manages to win the polls once again in 2020, the stakes for the US are high, as it could have severe implications for the future of the USA. Here are five reasons not to vote Donald Trump again in the presidential elections of 2020.

Trump Vs. Biden polls

The increasing hate crimes:

Racially motivated hate crimes are increasing in the USA with every passing day under Trump’s presidency.

These crimes are mostly against people of color, Asian Americans, and religious minorities who believe that they do not feel safe in the US anymore. Crimes against Latinos are also on a surge since the arrival of Trump in the White House.

One of the prominent examples of racially driven crime is the murder of George Floyd by a white police officer.

The FBI even warned local authorities that the crimes against  Asian Americans could increase as the term “Chinese virus” is used widely by Trump and his administration to describe the Corona pandemic, which instigated the hate for Asians in the minds of the masses.

Under Trump’s presidency, these crimes touched a record-breaking level in 2018, when the FBI reported that most of the crimes out of 4571 hate crimes of 2018 were against ethnic and racial minorities. This means that another term of Trump can have a detrimental impact on the constitutional freedom of the US, which gives equal rights to everyone.

The response of Trump to the deadly rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, also evinces that he is a staunch believer in the white supremacy as he defended the participants of the rally holding Nazi flags in their hands.

The declining global image of the USA:

The foreign policy of the USA took a major turn under Donald Trump, who pursued his so-called “America first” philosophy since his arrival in the White House.

Whether the withdrawal of the USA from the Paris climate accord, the initiation of the economic war with China, fueling the war in Yemen by aiding the Saudis, stopping economic support for the UN and specifically, WHO, or giving threats for withdrawing the funding of NATO, the foreign policy of Trump’s administration was primarily focused on the isolation of America from the world.

Even the sentiments of people worldwide turned anti-America in recent years, as suggested by many reports. A survey was released by the Pew Research Center in which it was concluded that 64% of people across the world opined that they have no trust in Trump on the wise handling of global affairs.

Only 29% of people admired Trump and thought he could play a lead role in handling global affairs. If Trump becomes president again, the foreign policy of the USA will be at stake once again.

Healthcare crisis: 

While dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, the major concern of the president was on blaming the blue states for the deteriorating health condition in the country. It was clear that he is acting as the president of the “Red States” instead of the USA.

In fact, it is pertinent to note here that most of the deaths were in the red states, yet Trump managed to portray that the Republican states are doing well, which is an entirely false notion. If Trump manages to win another term, health care will be at stake once again, which can be detrimental for Americans.

Another Term for the impatient President:

After the first presidential debate in Cleveland, President Trump updated his status on Facebook that Chris Wallace, the moderator of the debate, interrupted him 76 times in a single debate.

Little did he know that every time Chris stopped him, he was interrupting Joe Biden in his talk. The situation became even worse when he started to intervene in the comments of Biden and Wallace continuously without having respect for others.

The presidential debate became the worst of its kind as there were unprecedented cross talks, allegations, and interruptions throughout the debate.

This was not the first incident for Trump. He has a habit of interrupting others while talking. Be it the journalists, reporters, or politicians, he has proved time again and again that he can’t be patient while talking to others. If he wins elections again, it will be chaos everywhere with another term for the impatient president.

Not only this, but Trump’s inability to tackle the economic crisis and unemployment amidst the coronavirus outbreak is also a sign of worry for Americans.

To revive the economy to its fullest, a more capable leadership, having a deeper knowledge of the political culture of the USA, must be installed in the White House so that the lost stature of the United States could be revived and Americans may be able to cope up with all the challenges of the latest times.

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