Use of Weaponry in Russia-Ukraine War: Who is Using What?

In asymmetrical warfare like the Russia-Ukraine, no one thought of Russian tanks receiving merciless bombardment from Ukraine.

However, as the war started, many Russian tanks and other waring machinery went rubbles as Ukrainian forces showed extraordinary resolve to stop Russian advancement.

Use of Weaponry in Russia-Ukraine War: Who is Using What?

How is the West Supporting Ukraine in the Asymmetrical Warfare

While the United States-led NATO distanced itself from imposing a no-fly zone over the skies of Ukraine, the western alliance continued supporting ground forces of Ukraine.

Ukraine received the following types of ammunition from the west

  • The White House has already sent 600 stingers to Ukraine and announced to send 800 more. Stingers are shoulder-fired aircraft missiles that are easily operated due to their small size and portable nature.
  • Britain directed 4200 shoulder-fired weapons named NLAWs to Ukraine, which played a critical role in grounding Russian tanks and other armored vehicles. These missiles can get ready to be fired in less than 15 seconds, thus qualifying them in a quick response missile category. These weapons have been proven decisive in close range encounters against Russian weaponry, which could have destroyed Ukrainian facilities otherwise.
  • Ukraine received 2,600 Javelins from America, and another 2,000 would be delivered soon. Javelinas are longer-range weapons that can be fired from shoulders and are capable enough to destroy Russian armor.
  • As per the British government, Ukraine would receive about 6,000 ”defensive missiles.” These missiles would be able to destroy Russian tanks and other high explosive weaponry.

This was all about Ukrainian military capability that it amassed with the help of the America-led western bloc.

While Ukrainian managed to slow down Russian advancement, still it is inflicted with the pain of unprecedented nature.

Russia has high precision advance guided bombs which it has not used extensively as of now.

The biggest weapon which Russia holds as of now is the tactical nuclear weapon, the use of which can turn the tides for everyone in a matter of moments. This way, Russia would manage to inflict an injury without much damage and create a sense of horror among the masses.


Is Russia Violating the International Law?

Amid all of this, Russia is stepping up to break international law, which could qualify the country for even more sanctions.

For instance, cluster munition comprises different types of artillery shells, rockets, missiles, and bobs that split in the air and eventually transfer a smaller explosive material to the ground.

These weapons are prohibited under international law; however, America, Russia, and Ukraine did not sign the treaty which bans their use.

Russia has also fired rockets with thermobaric warheads, which produce a longer-lasting and more powerful blast wave than a typical explosive warhead but are not subject to any international bans.

Russia has used thermobaric warheads rockets that are capable of causing an extremely powerful blast compared to traditional explosives.

Under the Geneva conventions, countries are not allowed to use these weapons on civilian populations, which means that Russia could end up breaking the convention it signed as it attacked civilian hospitals and schools.


Final Thoughts

As Russia has neutralized many cities of Ukraine, completely destroying them, the curiosity about the type of weapons used during all this was at an all-time high.

Even though America did not help Ukraine in tackling the Russian forces directly, it is diverting a significant chunk of weapons to Ukraine at a time when Russian tanks do not see the target while firing dangerous weapons and fire indiscriminately.

Redefining global politics using different lenses of  International Relations is the way to go, as the world continued supporting the doctrine of realism even after its subsequent failure in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other Middle Eastern conflicts.

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