US Election 2020 Updates (Part-1): List of Probable Incidents as the Election is Nearing

If you are looking for the US election 2020 updates regularly, then this series of articles is for you. So let’s have a look at what information we have for you.


In the United States, the presidential election is underway as America’s status is diminishing worldwide. Several analysts in the US and abroad are focused on this phenomenon now. How do the two major White House rivals view this scenario? As the national party conventions have officially ended, it is now a two-month rush to the election day. With the candidates possibly facing off for a few debates, let us discuss what awaits the election.

What is happening as the National Party Conventions ended?

US Election 2020 Updates (Part-1): List of Probable Incidents as the Election is Nearing
Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden, with Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., raise their arms up as fireworks go off in the background during the fourth day of the Democratic National Convention, Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020, at the Chase Center in Wilmington, Del. Looking on are Jill Biden, far left, and Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff, far right. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

The Republican Convention has ended with Donald Trump’s fearsome speech on Thursday night. The convention for the Democratic party was held the week before that. The coronavirus outbreak has significantly disrupted the conventions, forcing them to be held virtually. A significant number of states will use absentee votes to force their voting early. But despite that, until 3rd November, both Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, and Donald Trump, the president, plan to hit a few standard camp notes.

They are working tirelessly to show their potential and advantages in an unprecedented presidential election year. For this campaign, Joe Biden planned that volunteers are going to be arranged to train people on how to follow new regulations of voting. This also includes how to absentee vote by mail in many states. Even though, for Trump, it implies criticizing the potential results of the vote by mail.

According to his advisors, Trump will initiate an extensive travel program that involves many activities a week. Following a demonstration in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a pro-Trump crowd gathered earlier in the summer. His campaign has now started to settle into a modern format during the period of coronavirus. They also took the initiative of handing over masks. He stated that, according to local laws, it would be compulsory for people to wear them. He plans a variety of political talks as well and is anticipated to continue using his power.

Trump will also visit Louisiana. There, Hurricane Laura caused wide devastation after making landfall with record-breaking winds on Thursday.

After Labor Day, Biden intended to fly to his home of Wilmington, with primarily virtual activities taking place, and on occasion for meetings that are very closely monitored. He will be active, but will extensively follow the safety measures. Watch for a lot of round tables, meet and greet events, and Q&A sessions.

Biden’s campaign is convinced that Trump has not protected citizens from the impact of the coronavirus, with the death toll reaching 180,000 and increasing. Total virus incidents near a mark of six million, dual-digit unemployment, and a deadlock in Congress over future economic aid are bound to influence Trump’s campaign.

What do the analysts say?

While this election year definitely feels similar to the last one, let us look into what the polls say. The top commentators still predict that Joe Biden will win, as he is currently ahead in the poll. While this is good news for the supporters of Democrats, we have seen in 2016 that Hillary Clinton was also ahead. It seems like Biden’s lead is sliding in the important states, even as good as it may be. Some statistics even show him underperforming in the state of Wisconsin.

The environment must be extremely conducive to a new presidential contender: close to 200,000 people have fallen prey to a crisis, mostly due to the president’s own negligence. Not to mention, the economy has faced a collapse. At this rate, it can be said that the Democratic party has the upper hand for winning. The closeness of the race indicates how the president’s leadership is severely ineffective.

In the polls, Joe Biden has the statistical lead. However, there is no denying that Donald Trump is a magnificent showman. With the in-depth knowledge of different political aspects, his chances of winning cannot be ignored.

The right-wing has a clear opposition against the Democrats. According to them, the Democrats want ungoverned chaos and disruptive economic regulations of socialism and affecting overall personal security. Mob justice, chaos, and robbery will take place. Immigrants are going to spill across the fence. There will be anarchy. They vouch for the Republicans as the representative of patriotic heroes. They believe the Democrats will tear everything down.

Although, of course, the majority of these theories are nothing short of being ridiculous. On the contrary, those on the left-wing political parties definitely want Joe Biden to win, as they wish he will enhance socialism and amnesty for immigrants. But both of these thoughts are merely speculations, as Joe Biden is likely not to fall into any category. Of course, he is not going to ignite anarchy, nor is he going to support socialism policies.

What happened in Donald Trump’s convention speech?

US Election 2020 Updates (Part-1): List of Probable Incidents as the Election is Nearing
President Donald Trump speaks from the South Lawn of the White House on the fourth day of the Republican National Convention, Thursday, Aug. 27, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Lately, as the convention ended, Trump’s speech has been the highlight of many renowned news portals. He accepted his party candidacy to run for a second term and identified his own accomplishments and attacked his Democratic adversary Joe Biden. For more than an hour, Donald Trump talked and made a variety of statements. Some of the statements are critiqued below:

A. In Trump’s statement, he attacked his rival, Joe Biden, on the topic of law and order, in the context of the recent unrest. After George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis in May, Trump stated that if Biden takes over power, he may “defund the police.” Donald Trump and the other Republicans stated Joe Biden was in favor of this, but Mr. Biden said he was not.

Earlier in June, he said to CBS News that he does not support defunding the police. He also added that it would be better to give them more resources in order for them to implement meaningful improvements. 

B. In the second fact, he claimed that they had gained over nine million jobs in the last three months, which he stated as a new record. Here, President Trump asserted that the US economy recovered from the impact of the Coronavirus disease outbreak “far more rapidly” than most other western countries. By the US Bureau for Labor Statistics, it is valid that ever since April, the US payroll has been extended to nine million individuals.

However, what Mr. Trump did not acknowledge would be that, as steps to combat the outbreak had been implemented, this increase preceded a considerably greater loss in March for twenty-two million people. When comparing the number, the weight of loss is much higher than the gain. 

C. Again, Trump denoted that the United States has the lowest fatality case rate than any other major country. President Trump did not state that the United States has almost 180,000 fatalities, the world’s highest total. Instead of that, he only focused on the ratio of the confirmed cases. And to debunk his statement, the rates in Japan, Norway, South Korea are lower.

In addition to these, Donald Trump has presented many contradicting statements that may affect his campaigns. However, it can still not be predicted with a hundred percent accuracy what the result will be.


With just about two months until the election, the debates that are about to take place are crucial. Since the conventions were successful in fulfilling both of the parties’ objectives, the debates taking place in September and October are going to have the contrasts highlighted. It is highly unpredictable who is going to win, but keep an eye out for those! However, here is another article of 2020 Presidential Election Predictions that you may read.

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