US Election 2020 Updates (Part-2): Is Trump Feeling Incompetent after Seeing Biden’s Rising Popularity?

To keep you updated with all the recent incidents, here are the second part of the US election 2020 updates. So let’s keep reading to satisfy your curiosity.


Former Vice President Joe Biden has a growing level of popularity, and his sudden lead in popularity has changed the scenario of predictions for the US election in 2020. Over the last few months, the election scenario has been highly speculated, with thousands measuring what the public thinks of both of these two candidates.

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In recent times, Donald Trump is facing numerous key allegations, and thousands of questions are being asked of the president. The key question is, does Trump feel bothered, or incompetent, after seeing Joe Biden’s rising popularity?

We need to look beyond the numbers for that. But to put the conclusion beforehand, it is certain that Trump knows his incompetence has led to the downfall of his approval ratings. He is doing everything not to let it show or be a significant factor. He knows that he needs to do lots of things to bring his dominance in the ratings back.

What are the polls and ratings truly reflecting?

US Election 2020 Updates (Part-2): Is Trump Feeling Incompetent after Seeing Biden’s Rising Popularity?
Former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump

The former Vice President Joe Biden has a very steady lead of six percentage points over the current president. A steady lead in a race like this is very uncommon. Ratings are volatile, with the numbers changing very frequently. 

However, Biden’s average lead has been maintained since the beginning of 2020. This makes the steadiest lead in an election race with an incumbent on the ticket for the last fifty years. Although there are a significant number of people who believe Trump will not lose, a higher percentage thinks that they prefer Joe Biden.

Predictive polls like this can alter the course of the election. But, the polls show different opinions. When polled, 55% are saying that Trump will win in the November election. On the other hand, their preference shows that they prefer Joe Biden over him.

This kind of opposite opinion is much like the result of the last election of 2016 when no matter what the poll ratings were, not many people thought Trump could win. He ultimately won the election and shocked most of the US population.

This kind of mixed opinion is the result of uncertainty. People believe that no matter what the polls show, Trump may win this election unexpectedly in this election too.

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But, in the current situation, the Trump administration is shown to take extra steps to deal with the rising popularity of Joe Biden. The reasons and the instances will be shown below. This list describes the facts upon which we can expect to see some feelings of the Trump administration’s incompetence.

  • A considerable majority wants to pick a president who is “Not Trump.”
  • According to, most people want Joe Biden to be the president because they want someone other than Trump.
  • This may appear like what happened in 2016, but the polls seem different. Joe Biden is doing so much better in the polls currently than Hillary Clinton did in 2016. The approval ratings are high for Joe Biden too.
  • People are thinking of finding an alternative to Trump. In the last four years, Donald Trump has been accused of many things that have been different from what he promised. Also, his numerous encounters with the media and bold steps with politics are losing reliability. After the coronavirus crisis around the US, which is surely a big problem, this loss of reliability only increased.

The Coronavirus situation, Black Live’s Matter, and the people’s distrust in the government

US Election 2020 Updates (Part-2): Is Trump Feeling Incompetent after Seeing Biden’s Rising Popularity?
Black Lives Matter Movement

This has become a key point of people’s mistrust, thus creating feelings of incompetence inside Trump. The recent Coronavirus situation severely affected the US in one of the worst ways, with thousands dying each day.

The recent sabotage efforts by USPS and Trump are also creating distrust among many people.

A staggering 58% of Americans don’t approve of his handling of the Coronavirus situation.

This situation has divided people’s opinions. While thousands die each day with fewer tests being done, a significant number of US citizens are not even thinking of wearing masks. Any thoughtful American will have a lasting negative impact on the government.

Along with this disaster came the murder of George Floyd and the resulting civil unrest. Trump has been successfully saying unimaginable words to the media and press about both issues for the past months. So people are slowly started to distrust his actions.

The Trump government was supposed to be a movement of great change. But when such a national crisis emerged, the situation became clear to many. This has secretly got Trump worried. It is obvious that the man does not argue logic with logic many times. Still, he and his campaign managers will definitely be concerned about this.

Joe Biden is doing significantly and steadily better in polls

As discussed before, Joe Biden leads the polls in this election and is doing better than Hillary when she ran for president in 2016. Biden is leading the poll with stable results, and the ratings are not being changed constantly, meaning his position is not as volatile.

This can surely shock Trump. Hillary Clinton was a crucial component of the victory for 2016’s election for Trump. His campaign marketing has been based on the volatility of her reputation. Joe Biden isn’t portraying people’s mistrust that much.

A situation like this will demand the best steps from Trump and his campaign staff. He may not be able to talk his way out of this entire scenario.

His best traits are losing priority

Donald Trump is the current president of the United States, with the brand he set for himself. “A symbol of radical change,” “an escape from official bureaucracy,” “Making America great again,” whatever you call it, are symbols of his approach. Over the last four years, this has been slowly broken down to actual statistics-based measures of how good he really is.

There is no escaping it now. Handling economic decisions has been considered one of his strong suits, and the approval ratings of those decisions are even going gradually lower.

People are looking through his words to his works. Over the last four years, he has been accused of things that are uncountable in number. 

His actions against the immigrants, incredibly racists remarks, showing false poll numbers to interviewers and claiming he’s the best, the foreign policies he’s imposing, open blunders in front of the entire world, a lack of common decency, and the overall absence of the American values; all have ultimately worked to have a permanent lack of trust on his capability to remain president for another four years. That is a risk many people will not be willing to take.

This time, the polls are not showing the numbers which Trump can easily deal with. If the debates and the foreseeable future do not negatively affect Joe Biden, it is a serious threat to the campaign of Trump. That’s why the press briefings of Trump contain the usual, negative remarks about his competitor.

His negative remarks about Joe Biden are truly leading people to further unrest, as the problem is with himself. People will not easily believe his words.


As the polls are clearly showing these scenarios, while at the same time, the entire country is facing one of the worst periods in decades, Trump is surely feeling incompetent when Joe Biden’s rating is going up.

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