US Election 2020 Updates (Part-5): 9 latest lies told by Trump on His Way to the Election


The last few months before the election are finally here. And, as expected, the competitions are transcending to newer levels each day with lies, allegations, and misinformation. President Donald Trump, currently running for his re-election, seems to be wanting to lie his way to winning the election. His lies know no boundaries and not even a bit of hesitation.


A brief explanation of the latest lies told by Trump

Described below are some of the most obvious and biggest lies that Trump has said to the world. Some of these are astonishing to even think about, and some can show the true face of his intents.

1.Calling derogatory terms to our fallen soldiers.

During November 2018, on a trip to France, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One, Donald Trump said derogatory words about the fallen US service members. 

Trump was scheduled to attend an event in the cemetery, but due to heavy rainfall and fog, the White House had to cancel the trip because the roads could not be secured.

Later, a former official of the White House said that Trump mocked the idea of his visit to the cemetery and called the fallen soldiers “losers” and “suckers,” which are, needless to say, more than mean and derogatory comments to call anyone, let alone our fallen soldiers.

The lies began just after that. Trump criticized the magazine and said mean things about it, while strictly denying the claims. He told the media that the Secret Service prevented him from participating in that ceremony.

A former senior administration official confirmed to CNN about Trump’s derogatory comments. But he lied his way through the news, calling the media “fake news” and whatnot are the things that are very common with the President.

2. Trump claiming in April that the coronavirus would get weak very soon.

The number of lies which the President told during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic is uncountable; that is, even if you only count his official speeches to the country.

The President claimed that the coronavirus would weaken within April, as April will be warmer, and that would weaken the virus. 

Whereas the truth is, there had been no solid scientific evidence even to say words like this. Thousands of US citizens died each day even after April.

It had been too early to tell, or even predict this situation. This was seemingly absolute nonsense coming from the President of the US, and this incidence is just the beginning.

3.Trump claiming in February that the outbreak will miraculously disappear.

On February 27, Trump said that the outbreak would miraculously disappear one day. This kind of claim, coming from a leader like Trump, is unexpected. And the discussions were not backed by any scientific sense in any way.

Stating that the outbreak would be temporary on a situation like this takes a sheer amount of ignorance. Many Americans believed Trump and didn’t follow strict health codes like wearing masks or staying inside the home.

The result is a massive amount of deaths in the months after February. Trump repeatedly told us that the Coronavirus situation is getting a lot better, and that the numbers were going down. In truth, the numbers have gone nothing but up in the last months.

Cases are increasing, and though the number of deaths related to cases found has decreased, population deaths have increased for many days.


4. “Fading away. It’s going to fade away”: Trump, June 17.

Trump has told us many times that this pandemic will fade away; to quote exactly, “Fading away. It’s going to fade away.” After he spoke about it on June 17, the numbers of daily cases have gone up, and the second spike has occurred.


5. Trump claims almost all the cases of COVID-19 are “totally harmless.”

On July 4, Trump told the media that “99%” of COVID-19 cases are “totally harmless.” Once again, this claim is without a shred of good scientific research. The death percentage by cases has never shown a 99% cure rate; rather, it has shown much worse.

According to the WHO, 15% of cases of Covid-19 can be severe, and about 5% can be critical. This 20% of the total cases have caused thousands of deaths in the United States alone.


6. The US has the lowest mortality rate in COVID-19.

On July 6, Trump claimed that the United States had the lowest mortality rate in the world. Truth be told, the United States is not even close. It doesn’t have the lowest mortality rate; it doesn’t even have the lowest case to the death rate.


7. Lies and allegations against the opposition party.

Recently, Donald Trump tried to do his best to criticize Biden’s work, but not nearly in a constructive way. He said that Biden wants to establish a national shutdown, which Joe Biden never did. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

From calling Joe Biden names to calling him xenophobic, Donald Trump tried to destroy his opponents by brush firing lies. Biden’s campaign did not criticize Trump for any travel issue; rather, it was noted due to a reply to a claim by the President himself.


8. Lying about lying.

Until now, despite all the questions being asked in public about the lies he speaks of, Donald Trump never accepted any single claim, but rather strongly criticized the sources from which the facts came in the first place. He called out the media about the lies everyone knew he told in public.


9.False arguments and lying about vote-by-mail fraud.

The President has started to push a false argument that voting by mail is a way to do fraud. According to his words, “Mail ballots, they cheat.” He said that mail ballots are very dangerous.

The true scenario is voting fraud is very rare in the US. The fraud incidences are typically due to absentee ballots and not vote-by-mail related. Even states which vote entirely by mail see next to no fraud attempts.

This vote-by-mail has been discussed by the opposition parties quite often so that people can vote in other ways and avoid being physically present and fall into any sort of health risk.


Probable intentions behind the latest lies told by Trump.

Many other lies can be inferred from the many speeches that Trump has given in the last few months. The meaning is simply to keep his followers and voters in hand.

As the election comes closer, his goal may slowly be turning into lying his way through the election while insulting and humiliating his competitors to weaken their position. 

It can be predicted that he does not want to let any claims tarnish his validity with his followers. At least, not at this time of the competition.


How Trump’s lies are misguiding people.

Would people believe the words that are coming from Donald Trump? Or his lies will be finally counted as the core flaw of why he is deemed ineligible as a President?

So far now, there are thousands of people being affected by Trump’s lies. His lies have hurt the position of Joe Biden and definitely worsened the situation of the coronavirus crisis in the United States.

The way Trump downplayed the severity of the coronavirus situation has hurt a lot. It definitely made thousands of people go out and do their work without any care for personal safety. The outcome is what we see now; the number of deaths per day has been more than a thousand for many days.

The coronavirus situation is still not in control, and Trump seems to still lie about it. And people are not only affected by the coronavirus lies here.

Trump insults other countries and tries to pass laws unfriendly to immigrants in some way or another. His viewpoint of the USA and its immigrants seems to have hurt many people, and it definitely brainwashes other Americans too. The more he lies, the more he blames other people, the more people get distracted and hurt.



It is no wonder that Trump has continuously lied ever since he became elected. We can talk about facts, and we can talk about how many lies he told. But in recent times, the lies spoken by Trump are unstoppably affecting people. The next months will be crucial to look at to observe how low he can stoop to get what he wants.

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