US Election 2020 Updates (Part-7):Trump vs. Biden Odds: Trump’s Challenge to Biden to Drug Test


The first debate between President Donald Trump and the former Vice President Joe Biden from the Democratic Party will be held on September 29, 2020. It will be a ninety-minute debate that is going to take place at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic’s joint health campus in Cleveland, Ohio.  The other two will be held on October 15 and October 23 at Miami, Florida, and Nashville, Tennessee, respectively.


Trump vs. Biden odds of drug test: What does Trump mean by it?

Presidential election odds are common in the US elections, as multiple surveys are conducted. President Donald Trump has doubts, thinking that maybe Joe Biden is on drugs. He stated that he is not sure yet, but someone informed him. He thinks that it should be confirmed for the betterment of the election.

He also said that both candidates should be tested, including himself. Trump takes an aspirin every day, he mentioned during the Washington Examiner interview.

A primary debate was held in March with Biden against Senator Bernie Sanders. Mr. Trump found an improvement in Biden’s performance. He pointed this out in an Oval Office interview. He mentioned that Biden’s performances were always very bad, and Trump’s campaigns always questioned Biden’s mental state as well.

US Election 2020 Updates (Part-7):Trump vs. Biden Odds: Trump’s Challenge to Biden to Drug Test

Trump vs. Biden odds of drug test: Is there any evidence?

Trump assures us that the debate against Bernie was Biden’s best performance. He suggested that an unknown substance may have aided Joe Biden. He has no evidence; hence, Donald Trump calls for a drug test before the upcoming debates for the scheduled election of November 3. 

Speaking briefly of the uncertainty about whether they will let him do the drug test or not, he repeated that it should be done. Trump also hints at how all of a sudden, Biden could perform so well in a debate, whereas previously he was so incompetent. 


What makes Trump consider a drug test?

Trump watched all of Biden’s debates and never found him capable and coherent. Trump said, “My point is, if you go back and watch some of those numerous debates, he (Joe Biden) was so bad. He wasn’t even coherent.”

US President Donald Trump is comparing the upcoming debates to a boxing match. To him, this election is a prizefight. In an interview at the White House this August, he told The Washington Examiner that, “It’s no different from the gladiators.”

He also said that he would use his brain and mouth to win the debate, and his body to stand where he wants all standing.


A look back at Trump vs. Hilary Clinton odds

In the US election of 2016, Trump similarly called for a drug test when his opponent was Hillary Clinton. He felt she was on drugs during an earlier debate. In the same way, Trump spoke that he doesn’t know what’s going on with her, but he is sure that something is wrong.

Why would she seem so pumped up in the beginning, whereas in the end, Hillary could barely reach the car without any physical support? Without offering any sort of evidence to his suspicions, he asked for a drug test just a month before the election.


Do Trump’s claims have any basis?

If we analyze the whole drug test issue in a simple way, it will be very easy to note that Trump has made some baseless claims about his opponent, Democrat Joseph R. Biden. Trump is becoming anxious about his decreasing chance of winning. He already promoted the fake claims regarding his debate performances, his mental health, and many more.

The entire drug test issue was initiated due to his suspicion, which has no clear evidence. Moreover, the same thing done in 2016 is repeated. He wanted a drug test for Hillary Clinton at that time. If we look deeper, the reasons are pretty much alike.

Now comes the understanding of the situation underneath. Trump is notoriously known for humiliating and insulting anyone who opposes him inside or outside the United States. He uses this type of domination to make people feel weaker and make himself a fake stronger version of himself.

There is no solid forecast as to what he is targeting this time, but aside from that, Trump is being classic Trump. He will try to put down anyone who stands in his way, with anything that he possibly can. He is a master at finding aspects of people to hurt and make some benefits for himself in the process. 

But, Joe has a very steady lead in the polls, which is not changing very much. The Trump administration is trying to weaken the side of Joe Biden with anything they can, and this seems like just another scheme.



A drug test is unlikely. Allegations out of nowhere of using drugs are even more insulting. Illogical accusations like these are not unexpected from Trump, but would people be accepting of a president talking about his rival like this?

It seems like Donald Trump will not stop until he can successfully destroy the image of Joe. Still, when Trump is seeing that the steady lead is not diminishing, he will want to go all the way to get ahead. No matter what Trump vs. Biden odds are, only time will tell about the accusations he’s made about Joe Biden, and how that will turn out to be.

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