Big Businesses Jumping to Vaccinate People: An Urgent Step to Curb New Variants

As the world scumbled to the Delta variant of the coronavirus, a new variant named Epsilon has been detected in the South Asian country of Pakistan, further prolonging the delay getting over COVID.

This makes vaccines even more important in times when governments were already trying to bring more people to the vaccination centers.

The threatened businesses which faced gigantic losses during the initial COVID pandemic have decided to vaccinate people so that the routine can be brought back to normalcy once again.

From big techs to small restaurants chains, business leaders teamed up, prompting the consumers and the employees to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

This step could be a game-changer, considering the many vaccine-hesitant people can receive their inoculations for fear of losing their jobs in these trying times.

Big Businesses Jumping to Vaccinate People: An Urgent Step to Curb New Variants

Businesses Urging their Employes to get Vaccinated: An Urgent Step to Stop New Variants

Tech Giants like Google and Facebook have delayed their back-to-office plans, announcing a score of strict policies and rules for their employees. With this, they have made vaccination mandatory for their employees.

Among the tech giants, Google was the first to declare vaccination mandatory for the employees, taking personal steps to put the workforce into the vaccination process.

Facebook followed suit, announcing similar rules for workers, urging the employees not to come to the office without vaccination certificates.

Following the US government’s policy regarding COVID-19, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that the number of Google employees who have been vaccinated is satisfactory; therefore, the company is supposed to reopen its offices in every corner of the country before October 2020.

Not only the tech firms but Tyson Foods, Microsoft also mandate vaccines while Big 3 automakers enforce mask mandates.

As the deadly Delta variant penetrated the US society, businesses have no other option other than to push their workers into vaccination centers.

As companies raised their cash incentives for warehouse and store workers for those who come with vaccination certificates, the vaccination rates are bound to increase as people strive for additional cash in these trying times.

Bob Chapek, the CEO of Walt Disney Company, also played his part in vaccinating the United States, as the company made vaccination mandatory for all the salaried and hourly employees.

Then comes Netflix, which announced vaccination for the coronavirus mandatory for all the actors and makeup artists in US production.

With the announcement of Walmart, the luxury departmental store chain Saks Fifth Avenue also published public notice, pushing people to get vaccinated.

This has triggered a range of businesses to introduce vaccination measures, as the CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, which owns dozens of restaurants in New York, California, and other US cities said that they had hung big boards at the entrance of their restaurants clearly stating that they will require vaccination certificates for every individual entering, whether as a worker or customer.

The MGM Resorts in Las Vegas has also imposed strict rules for its employees as well as customers.

The group announced that the employees must get vaccinated, or they will have to pay the resort for weekly COVID-19 tests.

Big Businesses Jumping to Vaccinate People: An Urgent Step to Curb New Variants

Mandating Vaccination: An Immediate Need to Stop New Mutations

Xavier Becerra, the secretary of the department of health, praised the companies for doing their part in the vaccination of the nation.

He said that mandating vaccines and providing perks to the vaccinated folks will be helpful for the government to control the spread of the Delta variant.

To counter the increasing vaccine hesitancy, which President Joe Biden recently talked about, making the vaccine mandatory is a step that can bring vaccine-hesitant people onboard.

Amid the times when the government was already done with the vaccine lottery and vaccine passport systems, making the vaccines mandatory is an important step to tackle the ever-increasing variants.


Final Thoughts

While the idea of businesses demanding vaccination certificates has already penetrated in various countries, the countries that are still negligent must follow suit.

The salaried class would be hundred percent vaccinated using this technique. This will also solve the crisis of red states where more people are reported to be vaccine-hesitant rather than blue states.

Stopping the new variants is also one of the reasons why more and more people should get vaccinated at the earliest convenience, or the contagious disease will continue to mutate itself.

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