Democratic VP nominee: Kamala Harris Policies for Growth and Prosperity of America

Kamala Harris’ nomination as the vice-presidential candidate by the Democrats was hailed as a historic decision. There are many reasons for this nomination to be termed as historic. Many people call it historic because of the ethnic background of Harris.

Kamala Harris is not only the first Black American or Asian American to be nominated for this position, but she is also an able leader who could serve the interest of the American people and can work to making America great again.  This article will discuss the Kamala Harris policies that classify Harris as the leader of ordinary Americans.

Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris as his running mate not only to attract Black American voters but also on merit. Kamala Harris policies hold a high rating among lawmakers and leaders because of Kamala’s outspoken attitude about civil rights and her determination to the duty. Not only this but Kamala Harris policies are also bound to put America on the path of growth and prosperity which has been lost largely in recent years.

No other candidate was able to score as high on Biden campaign’s core criteria for a running mate, as did Harris. Biden, after choosing Harris, described Harris as a fearless fighter and the finest public servant of the country.

Now let us move toward the policies of Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris policies: Kamala Harris for the people
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Kamala Harris policies in the Healthcare sector

Healthcare has always been a significant issue for Americans, and it has become even more crucial in the recent spread of COVID-19.  Kamala Harris policies regarding healthcare are somewhat mixed. Harris was one of those Democrats who co-sponsored the Medicare for all Legislation, presented by Senator Bernie Sanders.

Kamala Harris attracted huge criticism for her support of the single health care program that would eliminate insurance in 2019. In the same year, the California Senator came up with a different healthcare program that was termed as “KamalaCare,” The so-called KamalaCare aimed at expanding Medicare without eliminating insurance.

Harris’s support for Bernie Sanders’ bill was the most damaging issue for her presidential race during the Democratic primary. Harris also advocated the investment in the nation’s maternal mortality crisis. According to her, Black women are three times more likely to die of pregnancy-related issues as compared to white women. She has also been active to emphasize support for the unprivileged communities during the surge of COVID-19.


Harris’ Climate Change policy- driven by Green New Deal

Climate change is one of the most serious threats faced by the world, even more, serious than COVID-19. In many European countries, voters are attracted by politicians by their stance on climate change and other related issues.

Senator Kamala Harris policies regarding climate have always been different than others and she is too vocal about this existential threat. She is also a co-sponsor of the Green New Deal. For those who may not know, Green New Deal is a policy paper that advocates the strategic overhauling of the United States economy to tackle climate change.

Vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris policy ambition regarding climate change has forced her to introduce a climate equity bill.

This bill aims to explore the effects of climate change and environmental laws on the low-income population. It also advocates the establishment of a Climate and Environmental Justice Accountability Office that will ensure that the low-income communities get benefits from environmental laws.

Senator Harris has also outlined a $10 trillion investment plan in her manifesto that will result in making the United States a zero-carbon emitting country by 2045.


Foreign Policy- focused on making friends across the globe

The foreign policy defines the strategy of a country in maintaining its relations with countries around the world. The important geopolitical and economic position of the United States makes foreign policy an important thing to be considered.

Kamala Harris policies with respect to the foreign relations with the world are very similar to those of Joe Biden and are considered to be favorable for the country and strongly oppose the foreign policy of President Trump.

Harris considers America’s allies and partners as important for combating global challenges such as climate change and extremism. Diplomacy, human rights, and democratic values are her priorities.

Senator Harris is an outspoken critic of autocratic regimes such as Russia and Saudi Arabia, a backer of Israel, and is expected to continue her support for the Jewish nation.

Many experts believe that Kamala Harris could prove to be very helpful in countering external threats to America. She could even develop a place for herself independent of Biden if she gets a future chance in the White House.


Kamala Harris policies: Senator Kamala Harris
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Racial Injustice: Pursuance of the senator to end discrimination based on color

In current times, systematic racism has become one of the prime issues of the country. Kamala Harris policies concerning this menace are believed to be the warrior which could save the country from this parasite.

She has always been vocal about this issue and has always come forward to demand justice for those who face discrimination on the base of their race, sex, color, or ethnicity.

Harris’ stance on systematic racism and social injustice date back even before she entered politics. She believes that the issue of systematic racism has plagued this country and has never been addressed in the way it should have been. Many believe that if Harris gets the chance to serve as the vice president of the country, she could at least lay the foundation of a system that will eventually kill this virus.


Police Reforms: Harris ambition to make law equal for all

Like foreign policy, Harris and Biden share the same opinion on police reforms also. Senator Harris is the only Black woman in the Senate who does not go with the opinion of the majority of Democrats to defund the police.

Rather than openly talking about police reforms, Harris has always stressed on reimagining the public safety structure. She believes that defunding the police will not solve the issue; it is a temporary solution. Harris tends to treat the problem from its root.

Harris has served as a prosecutor and top cop, so she has the skills and knowledge that will help to restructure the police department. The California senator has always been tough on crimes, yet holds progressive opinions on it.

During her presidential campaign, Kamala Harris policies for law reforms were criticized by many as Harris vowed to put an end to private prisons and the death penalty. She has also been a supporter of legalizing marijuana and a strict opponent of mandatory minimum sentences. Harris sees these proposals as a part of a larger plan that will ultimately develop a reformed structure of the police department.


Immigration and opportunities for those who deserve it

Donald Trump, after coming into the White House, has taken strict steps on immigration and has alienated the United States from the world. Senator Harris has dealt with the issue of immigration very aggressively. She had been a hard-nosed interrogator of the Trump administration on the immigration policy.

During her presidential campaign, Harris talked about using the executive power to reinstate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program initiated by the Obama government. Immigration is the issue that Kamala differs on with even her own party members. Harris herself is a child of immigrant parents, understands the issue very well and so Kamala Harris policies regarding this are expected to be lenient.

She wants to clear the path for those who see America as a land of opportunity and land where dreams come true. Harris strongly opposed her party on the decision giving billions of dollars to the Trump administration to build a border wall alongside the border of Mexico. She also tends to offer a path of citizenship to millions of undocumented immigrants living in the country.


Economy to create jobs and welfare in the USA

The economy is the biggest factor that decides the eligibility of a candidate. During her presidential campaign, Harris outlined an ambitious economic policy. Kamala Harris policies for economic growth are based on 25 major issues ranging from affordable housing to climate change.

The California Senator proposed a $3 trillion plan to reduce the taxes for the middle and working classes. She had also emphasized the economic issue that is directly related to people of color. Harris is fully aware of the factor that the current situation requires dramatic steps to boost the pandemic-stricken economy.

A Biden-Harris administration is believed to be the only way that the country could bring back the economy on the track that it has lost due to the pandemic.

Furthermore, the background and experience of Harris will help to focus on the gender-related issues of the economy. Harris believes that women should get equal opportunities as men to contribute to developing the economy of the country. This also defines her stance on women’s rights.


Other miscellaneous Progressive issues

Harris has always attracted support from different progressive movements for her support of issues such as LGBTQ rights, labor rights, and abortion rights. She has also been vocal on consumer protection and protection of user data by social media sites. She has addressed the handling of hate speech and the spread of misinformation by social media giants such as Facebook. She has also advocated a ban on assault weapons and plans to do so if given a chance.


Kamala Harris Policies: Conclusion

A candidate’s eligibility can be evaluated from their beliefs and accomplishments in the past. Looking at the background of Kamala Harris policies, one can easily assess that the policies of Kamala Harris will be in line with the progress of the United States in the future too. With the proper implementation of these policies, America will see an era of equality, prosperity, and growth that will be remembered for decades to come. Senator Harris has served on important positions in the past, and from her record, it appears that she is a firm believer in American values and knows the issues faced by ordinary American citizens.

A Biden-Harris administration will be a true form of democracy that will establish the government of the people. Harris not only recognizes the issues being faced by the country but also holds the experience and skill that could help the country to eliminate these problems.

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