Democratic VP nominee: Everything you need to know about Kamala Harris Husband and Children

The Democrats nominated Kamala Harris as the running mate alongside Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential Elections. The nomination bought Kamala to the spotlight and has also proved to be a profitable move for Democrats.

There has been much speculation on Kamala Harris ethnic background, and how parents help her become what she is. However, she has also received considerable influence from her family, including her husband and children.  Who is Kamala Harris husband and who are Kamala Harris children? You will find everything related to Kamala’s husband and children below and how her family has helped her in her career.

Kamala Harris marriage with Douglas Emhoff:

Senator Kamala Harris married Douglas Emhoff in 2014 and became step-mother to Ella and Cole. It has been six years since her marriage, and Harris often defines these six years as one of the best periods of her life. In her essay, “Ella,” Harris has defined Ella and Cole as “brilliant,” “talented,” and “funny.” Now let’s have an introduction to the family and see how Kamala Harris husband and children helped Harris in her career.

Kamala Harris Husband
Kamala Harris Marriage: Photo Source Credit to

Kamala Harris Husband Douglas Emhoff: An American Lawyer:

Mr. Emhoff, Kamala Harris husband, is a graduate of the University of Southern California Gould School of Law and worked in a local law firm until the 1990s. After that, he established his own practice. Emhoff is currently an entertainment lawyer and a partner at global law firm DLA Piper. He first met Harris in 2013, and they decided to marry in 2014.

Kamala Harris husband
Kamala Harris wit her husband Douglas Emhoff: Photo Source Credit to

Relation of Kamala Harris husband with his wife:

Since the beginning of the marriage, Emhoff and Kamala have been very supportive of each other. In their marriage ceremony, they both decided to honor and celebrate the versatility of their cultures. Emhoff, as a nod to Kamala’s heritage, wore a garland, which is a Hindu ritual, and, following him, Senator Kamala broke a glass honoring his Jewish heritage.

The relationship between Senator Harris and Emhoff seems to be going well, and both have never complained about one another. Mr. Emhoff is not only committed to Harris but is also committed to her career. Following her nomination, he took a leave from his office to give his support and time to Harris’ campaign and to avoid any potential conflict of interest. Emhoff was with her when she dropped out of the presidential race and was with her when she was nominated for the Vice President candidacy. After the nomination of Kamala Harris for V.P., Emhoff took to Twitter and wrote, “America, let’s do it.”

Since the start of the campaign, Mr. Emhoff has employed his social media accounts to show his full support for his wife. Even his Twitter bio describes him as “@kamalaharris hubby.” He has proved himself as one of the most supportive political spouses by sharing multiple pictures of Harris on his social media accounts with the caption, “I have got you. As always.” Without his support, Harris could never have reached this stage.

Kamala Harris Children: Ella Emhoff and Cole Emhoff: Her stauch supporters:

After her marriage in 2014, Senator Kamala Harris became a stepmom to two children, Ella and Cole. The two children agreed to never refer to Senator Harris as a stepmom, so they call her “Momala.” The term is a combination of Kamala and mom and also a Yiddish word which means “little mom.” Harris has always taken care of them like they were her own.

Senator Harris has also been a close friend to their real mom and Mr. Emhoff’s first wife, Kerstin. Harris has defined Ella and Cole as a source of joy and fun for her in her publication, “Ella.”

She went on to write that her life would have been incomplete without them. Ella and Cole have stayed out of the spotlight and have never appeared on stage supporting their Momala. However, both of them have shown their support for Harris on their social media accounts.

Kamala Harris children
Kamala Harris with her children. Photo Source Credit to

Kamala Harris Husband and Children: In a nutshell:

Kamala Harris is on her way to becoming the first-ever female Vice President of the United States of America. This has been a long and tough journey for her, and many also suggest that this is not the end.

Throughout this journey, Harris had endless support from her family in her domestic as well as political life. Kamala Harris husband, Mr. Emhoff, and Kamala Harris children, Ella and Cole, have always stood by her side, regardless of the situation. Their support has always been a source of strength for her and kept her going no matter what the challenge was.


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