Winners and Losers from Biden’s Victory and Trump’s Fall in America and Beyond

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The stakes in the 2020 presidential elections were higher than any other election of recent times. As Biden won the presidency and took charge as the 46th president of the United States, there was a whole slate of winners and losers of Biden’s presidency

Among the losers, Donald Trump lost his whole political career, as Biden’s victory encouraged him to make mistakes that will not be forgivable easily. 

The losers of Biden’s presidency are also evident in the international arena, as Russia never wanted a Democrat in the White House, considering the US-Russia relations in recent times.

The winners and losers of Biden’s presidency are not limited to the United States only. They are spanning across the map of the globe with a clear bifurcation.

Some European countries, including Germany and France, would be more than happy seeing Biden in the White House; others, especially the UK, will have to reconsider its policies to settle its term with the Biden administration. 

The investors in the energy sector are down in dismay. In contrast, those in the other sectors, including technology, health care, and infrastructure, are excited with a Democrat president in the White House.

Who are the winners and losers of Biden’s presidency? Let’s dig deeper. 

Winners and Losers from Biden’s Victory and Trump’s Fall in America and Beyond

Winners and Losers of Biden’s Presidency Across the Globe

Winners of Biden’s Presidency from Europe

Angela Merkel, The German Chancellor – Happiest Woman in Europe

Among the winners and losers of Biden’s presidency, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is also a prominent name to mention. She was among the first world leaders who endorsed President Joe Biden’s victory and congratulated him for defeating Donald Trump.

Merkel has always criticized the erratic style and nationalist policies of Donald Trump. A similar hatred was seen on Trump’s side, who also never seemed to develop an affinity for the German Chancellor.

Both leaders even refrained from shaking hands during the D-Day commemoration. Merkel has always preferred to see President Joe Biden in the White House because she disliked Trump’s policies and because Germany depends heavily on a strong and well-functioning relationship with the United States. Therefore, Germany is among the winners of the Biden Presidency

Winners and Losers from Biden’s Victory and Trump’s Fall in America and Beyond

French President Emmanuel Macron – Another President from Europe

French President Emmanuel Macron had a good relationship with Donald Trump. Still, it fell apart after the former president railed against him for putting taxes on giants such as Google and Facebook. 

The relationship ended with Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement and the Iran Nuclear Deal. Another term of Trump might have helped Macron in some ways, but Biden’s presidency will provide him with a lot more. 

Macron now hopes for the United States to revive the Iranian Nuclear Deal and rejoin institutions like the World Health Organization and World Trade Organization, along with playing a keen role in UN-led climate change talks.

Therefore, it appears that Biden’s presidency can provide Macron with a lot of the things he was expecting from another term of former President Trump.

Winners and Losers from Biden’s Victory and Trump’s Fall in America and Beyond

Losers of Biden’s Presidency from Europe

Boris Johnson Lost His Friend Trump

United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson lost his friend Donald Trump in the White House while Brexit is entering its most critical juncture. 

Trump has been an enthusiast promoter of Brexit and offered a quick trade deal; Democrats warned the Prime Minister that there would be no trade deal if the UK breaks its pact with the European Union over the Irish border. 

The Biden administration will have a different approach when they look towards Europe. 

The center of gravity is likely to shift to Berlin and Paris, and London might become an outlier, so the Prime Minister will have to win the trust of the new president if he wants to have a trade deal after leaving the EU. 

Winners and Losers from Biden’s Victory and Trump’s Fall in America and Beyond

Hungarian Prime Minister – Another European Loser of Biden’s Victory

The Hungarian Prime Minister was even closer to Trump than Boris Johnson when he became the first Hungarian Prime Minister to visit the White House since 2005.

Trump has a serious affection toward him and his anti-immigrant policies. However, things are certain to change as Prime Minister Orban will no longer enjoy a similar privilege that he enjoyed under Trump. 

Winners and Losers from Biden’s Victory and Trump’s Fall in America and Beyond

Slovenia’s Prime Minister – A Man who Congratulated Trump after the Election

Slovenia’s Prime Minister was among those world leaders who congratulated Trump instead of Biden after the presidential election

According to Janez Jansa, Biden would be the weakest president in history, and the American people elected Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

These remarks are enough to attract the hatred of Democrats and denial of any kind of financial and political aid that he may need in the future. 

Winners and Losers from Biden’s Victory and Trump’s Fall in America and Beyond

Losers of Biden’s Win Globally Beyond Europe

Benjamin Netanyahu – Israeli Prime Minister Who Lost with Trump

Israel’s Prime Minister enjoyed a very good relationship with Donald Trump and also campaigned in last year’s parliamentary elections based on his close ties with United States President.

The White House helped Israel strengthen its claims on Jerusalem and the Golan Heights and normalize relations with Arab states.

Prime Minister Netanyahu congratulated Biden, underlying his long and warm personal relationship with the former vice president, but Biden is expected to have a more even-handed approach towards Israel.


Saudi Arabia To Lose American Support in Proxies Across the Region

The Saudi crown prince cemented his power in the region with help from Donald Trump. Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman jumped into war in Yemen and established an embargo on US ally Qatar, all with help from the White House.

Biden re-entering Iran’s Nuclear Deal will be enough for Saudi Arabia to realize they have lost along with Donald Trump.

The Biden presidency is expected to make some serious changes in the Middle East and Arabian Gulf, including withdrawing Saudi support in the Yemen war. 

Winners and Losers from Biden’s Victory and Trump’s Fall in America and Beyond

Recep Tayyip Erdogan – Turkish President on the Losing Side

The Turkish president enjoyed a natural rapport from close ties with Donald Trump. The former president helped Turkey with financial sanctions and allowed it to buy weapons from Russia and intervene in the Middle East and other regional conflicts.

President Joe Biden sees Erdogan as an autocrat but also understands the importance of a strategically important NATO ally with borders in the Middle East.

Experts suggest that the relationship between Turkey and United States is likely to remain as it is; however, the new president of the United States might no longer grant personal favors to the Turkish president. 


Brazilian President – A Man Equally Sorrowful as Trump

The Brazilian President was closest to President Trump politically and ideologically. Brazil followed Trump in foreign as well as internal policies.

After the presidential election results started pouring in and Donald Trump emerged on the losing side, President Jair Bolsonaro started praising Trump. 

However, under Biden’s presidency, Brazil will have to revisit its foreign policy regarding its role in Climate Change and Venezuela.  

Winners and Losers from Biden’s Victory and Trump’s Fall in America and Beyond

Russian President Vladimir Putin – A Big Loser of Biden’s Presidency

The Russian President Vladimir Putin is probably the saddest person to see Trump losing, even sadder than Rudy Giuliani. 

He is accused of meddling with the 2016 presidential election and helping Trump get into the White House

Moscow has many reasons to feel glum, as Biden has pledged to raise voice against autocracies and human rights violations in autocratic states like Russia and China. 

The defeat of Donald Trump means a closure to the volatile chapter of US-North Korea relations. The Biden administration’s de-prioritization of Kim Jong-un will deliver a blow to the North Korean dictator, whose legitimacy in the world was bolstered by his personal dealings with the ex-United States president. 


The Global Winners of Winners of Biden’s Presidency

Iranian President – A Happy Man on Earth

Biden’s presidency is a signature achievement for Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Iran suffered a huge blow after the United States pulled itself out of the Iran nuclear deal.

Now, with Biden in White House, hopes have emerged for Iran to return to the historic deal through which it will be able to strengthen its stand against Saudi Arabia and emerge as a major player in international politics.

However, Iran has already started polishing its nuclear program, which will be a sign of concern for the Biden administration.


Canadian Prime Minister: A Hopeful Person with Biden’s Win:

The Canadian Prime Minister had a tough time with the Trump administration regarding trade deals.

The Biden administration will end the tariff war and help Canada continue its progress and prosperity. Justin Trudeau will be happy with the United States rejoining the Paris Climate Change agreement.  


Venezuela – Another Happy Country with Trump’s Loss

Donald Trump made countless attempts to intervene in the internal affairs of Venezuela and dislodge President Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro’s revolutionary socialist government expects Biden to help them achieve political stability while also removing US sanctions that have created a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. 

Within hours of the presidential election, when Biden’s victory became clear, the Venezuelan president tweeted that they are ready for dialogue and understanding with the United States government. 


The Winners and Losers of Biden’s Presidency – The Stakes of the Financial Community:

Losers of Biden’s Presidency in the Stock Market

Change in the White House will also significantly impact the stock market; some sectors will gain, while others may fail to retain their position in the market.

The outlook for the energy sector remains uncertain with President Joe Biden in office. Energy has been the worst-performing sector in the last decade because of low crude and gas prices.

The Biden administration plans to introduce certain regulations in this sector, which may further destabilize the industry while allowing uncertainties to grow. 

According to analysts, Biden’s victory, along with a divided Senate, will negatively affect the financial stakeholders. Due to the uncertain position of Democrats in the Senate, the stimulus package is likely to be lower than what was expected in the case of a blue wave. Bank stocks are sensitive to the interest rate, but the lower likelihood of an increase in taxes will complicate the situation. 


Winners of the Stock Market Amid Trump’s Removal from Office

  • The technology sector is expected to perform well under a Biden administration due to the progressives in the Democratic Party. The Democrat’s dependency on Republican moderates in the Senate guarantees a minimal impact on the technology sector. Regulatory measures will rise modestly, but they are manageable and could be countered by big tech companies.
  • The Biden presidency is a sure win for the healthcare sector, as it means the revival of Barack Obama’s Obamacare imitative. Moderate drug pricing legislation is still on the table, but with an equally divided Senate, aggressive policies may not pass through the Senate.
  • The infrastructure sector is expected to boom under President Joe Biden with increased spending and the creation of millions of new jobs. However, Biden’s green initiatives may not get past the Senate, which would be a positive scenario for machinery and construction yet bad news for companies associated with Climate Change and alternative energy.
  • A Biden presidency is good news for industrials and materials as it would mean a low risk of trade tensions and tax hike. Lower odds of a tax hike will directly benefit companies attached with railroads, defense, and waste material. 

End of Trump’s Political Career – The Biggest Loser of Biden’s Presidency

Former President Trump was a celebrity cum politician, enjoying the support of the masses before Biden’s win. 

Not many media outlets predicted that he would perform this much better in the 2020 elections. However, with Biden’s winning the battleground states, he has been the most disadvantaged one considering Biden’s win. 

Despite being the president of the United States, he questioned the integrity of the electoral process and made the election results controversial. He even questioned the integrity of the US Supreme Court by targeting the judges. 

The worst came when he incited a mob for a congressional siege, a move that was never expected from a sitting president.

After this episode, Donald Trump has just disappeared. The political and corporate interests that helped him throughout his career abandoned him. 

After the attack on Capitol Hill, many corporations and political players have distanced themselves from Trump; even his vice president refused to back Trump’s extremist ideology. 

What is next for Donald Trump is yet unclear, but the current scenario suggests that he may end up in jail, where he will be forgotten like a nightmare by Americans. President Joe Biden might have only defeated Donald Trump, but Trump is the one who dropped the ax on his own foot and became the top loser of Biden’s presidency.


Biden’s Presidency –  Death to Trump’s Executive Orders

Among the winners and losers of Biden’s presidency, Trump’s executive orders that he signed during his four-year tenure were also on the losing side. 

Biden signed 24 executive orders during his first week in office,  reversing many of Trump’s policies that were hindering the progress of the United States. 

Throughout his presidency, Trump autonomously used executive power, suggesting that there is no one above him. Still, the democracy took its revenge, and those executive orders died with a few signatures from President Joe Biden. 

Moreover, the victory of President Joe Biden came at the price of peaceful transfer of power. President Joe Biden took the oath and became the 46th president of the United States, but the country witnessed some horrific scenes in the preceding few weeks.

There has never been a president who refused to concede after losing the presidential election and attacked Capitol Hill to sabotage the transition process. 

Winners and Losers from Biden’s Victory and Trump’s Fall in America and Beyond

Americans of Color – The Winners of Biden’s Presidency Amid a Kamala Harris Win

On  January 20, Kamala Harris became the first woman vice president of the United States and the first Asian-American woman to hold such a position. 

Vice President Kamala Harris brings her years of experience as a public servant to the White House that could help her deliver improvements to the Americans and embark the country on a progressive journey. 

History will remember Biden’s presidency as the time when the first woman became a vice president of the United States and inspired many others to actively play their role in the progress and prosperity of the nation.


Democracy and Truth – The Winner of the 2020 Presidential Election

The victory of Joe Biden is the victory of democracy and truth in the United States. These two notions were severely sabotaged during the four years of the Trump presidency. Four years of Trump were marked by misinformation, fake news, falsehood, and manipulation of facts. 

Trump misused the power entrusted to him by Americans in the 2016 elections. It should be understood that democracy is a tradition that stands on conventions and principles.

These conventions and principles were largely violated in Trump’s doctrine in one form or another. Former President Trump bestowed on those who worshipped him and fired all who dared to speak against him.

The systematic racism, unemployment, and violence were at their peak during Trump’s tenure. Democracy is the government of every single individual that lives within the territory of the country, be it a Black American, an immigrant, or a small business owner.

All of these suffered under Trump, who was supposed to be the custodian of the power that the people of the country provided him through democracy. 

The spread of misinformation, urging legislatures and courts to nullify the Electoral College majority, attacking the Capitol to stop the verification process; all of these were attacks on democracy, which ultimately won on January 20 and will take its revenge on Donald Trump soon. 

The winners and losers of Biden’s presidency have been in various domains. While some celebrated the big day of January 20 with new hope, others had tears in silence as they expected a second-term for Trump.

The Biden administration is happy to work with the winners while bridging the gaps with the losers, who would otherwise seek new alliances beyond the United States.

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