World Leaders Reaction to the US elections: How leaders across the globe reacted to Biden’s win?

The United States of America enters its sixth day of vote counting as the nation waits for an official announcement of the 46th president of the country. Aside from the repeated allegations from Republican President Donald Trump, several lawsuits have been filed regarding violations of election laws that could delay the election results for even months.

While the country waits for official announcements, the unofficial results have shown the considerable lead of President-elect Joe Biden, who is on the cusp of a historic lead over the Republican candidate.

World leaders reaction to the US election also started to come in the wake of the election race calling from different media outlets. The leaders from different regions of the world have been closely watching the 2020 presidential election as the outcome will affect not only America but also the whole planet.

We aim at bringing you the world leaders reaction to the  US election.


Different World Leaders Reaction on the US election:

World Leaders Reaction to the US elections: How leaders across the globe reacted to Biden's win?

European leaders welcome back America

As world leaders reaction to the US election emerged, the European leaders also opined on this matter of universal interest. While most European leaders congratulated Joe Biden for his victory, some expressed concerns over the lawsuits filed against the election laws and results.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen “warmly congratulated” Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on their victory and expressed the desire to work with the new American government over progressive issues.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel congratulated Kamala Harris to become the first-ever woman vice president of the country. Leaders from the United Kingdom also focused on the historic achievement of Kamala Harris and termed this as a special moment for the world.

Emmanuel Macron of France expressed his desire to “work together” with the new government of America to face emerging challenges as world leaders reaction to the US election came.

Irish Taoiseach Michael Martin termed Joe Biden as a life-long friend of Ireland. The President of the Republic of Poland tweeted that Poland is determined to keep a strong strategic relationship with the United States.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also congratulated Kamala Harris for being the first woman to reach such a position.

As world leader reactions to the US elections were emerging, some state officials also backed Trump’s opinion of election rigging. The Slovenian Prime Minister, Janez Jansa, also took to Twitter and expressed his doubts about the allegations of election fraud made by President Trump. He also said that Donald Trump is the winner beyond any doubt.

France’s Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has said that whatever the outcome of the elections is, it will not affect the European continent. Many European leaders also termed Joe Biden as a weak president because of the Republican majority in the Senate.

European leaders are expecting Biden to return to the Paris Agreement, a promise that he made during his election campaign. “Welcome back America,” the mayor of Paris wrote on her Twitter wall shortly after the presidency of Joe Biden was clear.

World Leaders Reaction to the US elections: How leaders across the globe reacted to Biden's win?

Iran mocks the US Presidential election, Turkey and Israel congratulate the president-elect

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khomeini made a mocking comment on the rancorous aftermath of the United States presidential election. He also said that the election results had exposed the reality of United States democracy.

The Supreme Leader, who is often termed as the arch-enemy of President Trump, said that allegations of fraud by a president had exposed the truth of democracy. It is worth mentioning that different reports from the intelligence bureau claimed that Iran was trying to meddle in the Presidential elections as they wanted to see Trump lose.

The Turkish foreign minister has said that it does not matter who becomes the next president; Turkey will continue its allegiance with the United States.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu congratulated Biden on his victory, reminding him of their friendship. Benjamin Netanyahu has close ties with President Trump and now expects the same relationship with the new president. It should also be remembered that Trump played an essential role in the normalization of the relationships between Israel and Arab Muslim states. Israel will expect Biden to continue on this task. At the same time, the relationship could also get complicated as Biden promised to restore United States involvement in the Iran nuclear deal and may give Israel a hard time for its Palestinian occupied territory.


Africans have a mixed opinion on American democracy

While the world leaders are congratulating Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for their victory, the African nations have voiced their mixed opinions on the practice of democracy.

A Nigerian Senator said the democracy in America is a prime example of freedom. In contrast to this, the spokesperson of the ruling party of Zimbabwe released a statement saying that America is a former slave owner, and there is nothing to learn from America about Democracy.

In Guinea, where a violent uprising has occurred because of the allegations of fraud in recent elections, the leaders, along with the common people, are amazed as well as shocked at the outcome of the US elections.

World Leaders Reaction to the US elections: How leaders across the globe reacted to Biden's win?

China looks forward to better ties, Russia expresses concerns

The relation between China and the United States has been on hard terms during the Trump rule. Now that a new President is going to take over, China expects a better relationship with the United States.

The Chinese Foreign Minister, in his statement about the United States elections, said that an opportunity is present for both countries to establish good diplomatic relations. Many experts are anticipating the presidential election as a lose-lose situation for China.

President-elect Joe Biden has repeatedly said that if he wins, he will bring China under international laws, which is not good news for the Chinese. Moreover, Russian leaders have voiced their concerns about the result of the presidential elections.

Russian Foreign Minister’s spokesperson has said that the delay in the election results is evidence for the lack of regulations in the elections and make them controversial.



When Trump was in office as the president of the country, everyone thought that he was so powerful that no one will ever defeat him.

Now, when Joe Biden has won the US election, it becomes clear that democracy works in America. Trump has alleged widespread mishandling and fraud in the presidential elections, but, as they say, the opposition is the beauty of democracy.

World leaders reaction to the US election is a mix of greetings and despair. Most of the political and media spectrums in the United States, along with world leaders, are congratulating Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for their victory and expect them to serve the country in the best interest of the people. Some are criticizing the electoral process and democracy because of the delay in election results.

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